Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine Products

Choose from a selection of our finely roasted coffees, specialist teas, hot chocolates, milks and other coffee related products

Superior Gourmet Espresso Beans

Finest Blend of Premium Fairtrade Espresso Beans, 100% arabica . Full flavour – Nutty, chocolatey, spicy

Great as a full bodied espresso and exceptionally good with milk.

Our best seller.

Case Size – 12 x 1Kg

Italian House Blend Espresso Beans

This is a medium to rich roast 100% Arabica coffee. The cup is full bodied and full flavored yet when used as a base for cappuccino or lattes, it comes through as rich and aromatic. A complex espresso, but works a treat.

Case Size – 12 x 1kg

Triple Certified Organic Espresso Beans

A refreshing fusion of sweet caramel and dark chocolate. The Sumatran element gives the blend a nice spicy hit. Extra Notes – A medium roast , but still bursts through with lovely juicy flavours even with long milky drinks, delicious as a americano or a neat espresso

Case Size – 12 x 500g

Van Houten Selection Hot Chocolate

Van Houten is a premium quality hot chocolate with a distinctly continental chocolate taste. Just add water

Case size – 10 x 1kg

100% Pure Granulated Skimmed Milk

100% dairy goodness, used as a complete replacement for fresh milk to deliver truly authentic Cappuccinos & Lattes.

Pure, high quality skimmed milk granules, produced using a unique drying process which protects natural goodness. Made from pure milk, is fat free and tastes ‘as good as fresh’.

Case Size : 10 x 500g Packs

Milk Portions

We offer meadow churn semi milk jiggers that are easy to serve and ideal for all types of catering, including offices, hotels and conference centres

Sugar Sachets

We offer white sugar sachets of 2.5 g from Silver Spoon in a pack of 1,000. Ideal for sweetening your beverages, especially hot drinks. Suitable for hotels, restaurants and other places where portion control and storage space is key.

Stirrers Wooden Box

Our wooden stirrers are made from sustainable beech wood, which doesn’t discolor or impair the flavor of beverages. They are suitable for use with take-away cups up to 16oz.  These stirrers are also biodegradable making them the environmentally friendly choice compared with plastic products.