Water For You

Mars Drinks Flavia Creation 500 products

Choose from our large range of sachets specifically created for the Mars Drinks Flavia Creation 500.

Taylors of Haroate Yorkshire Tea

Devoted to the craft of outstanding tea since 1886. Using top quality Assam and African teas, Yorkshire Tea delivers a proper brew with a unique flavour, strength and colour.


THE BRIGHT TEA CO®. range offers three categories of tea, with each category providing the perfect reason to pause & reset throughout the working day.

ALTERRA Hardworking Coffee

Providing a complete range of freshground coffees to meet the needs of every consumer, we offer four combinations of roast and taste as well as flavoured and decaf coffees

Taylors of Harrogate Coffee

Put your best suit on – this is coffee with class. Inspired by the elegant blends of Northern Italy, it’s a sophisticated medium dark roast with notes of chocolate and almond.

ALTERRA Espresso Blends

Authentic espresso blends exclusively for FLAVIA® barista

Milk Portions

We offer meadow churn semi milk jiggers that are easy to serve and ideal for all types of catering, including offices, hotels and conference centres

Sugar Sachets

We offer white sugar sachets of 2.5 g from Silver Spoon in a pack of 1,000. Ideal for sweetening your beverages, especially hot drinks. Suitable for hotels, restaurants and other places where portion control and storage space is key.

Stirrers Wooden Box

Our wooden stirrers are made from sustainable beech wood, which doesn’t discolor or impair the flavor of beverages. They are suitable for use with take-away cups up to 16oz.  These stirrers are also biodegradable making them the environmentally friendly choice compared with plastic products.