Sealed In-Cup Drinks

76mm foil sealed In-Cup Drinks. Can be used in all manual and semi-automatic Kenco In Cup Drinks Machines. Fully foil sealed for ultimate hygiene, huge range available with a long shelf live of up to 18 months. Please note these cannot be used in the fully automatic Kenco In Cup Drinks Machine as the foil needs to be removed before the water is added.

Vegetable Soup + Croutons (Knorr)

Tasty soup with added CROUTONS – delicious.

Tomato Soup

Tasty continental recipe.

Chicken Soup

Delicious warming soup. A real crowd-pleaser.


Delicious original Bovril hot savory drink.

Van Houten Hot Chocolate – Case

Van Houten Hot Chocolate Drink combines an intensive taste of cocoa with the smoothness of real milk and long-lasting milk foam. Ideal traditional cocoa drink appealing to all types of consumers.

Nescafe Premium Instant Coffee

Nescafe Premium Instant Coffee. Latest product to our range.  Mild and smooth.  BEST VALUE PRODUCT.

Nestle Gold Blend Coffee

The rich, smooth taste you know and love.

Nescafé Cappuccino

Deliciously creamy tasting froth with hidden depths of rich, arabica coffee.

Caprimo Cappuccino

A mild coffee taste combined with a well-rounded cocoa flavour means even the incarnate coffee-drinker can be won over. The preferred cappuccino in Europe

Milk Portions

We offer meadow churn semi milk jiggers that are easy to serve and ideal for all types of catering, including offices, hotels and conference centres