Cleaning & Sanitising Products

From internal tank sanitising to surface wipes and sprays. Here you will find everything you need to keep your cooler clean and hygienic.

DIY Sanitising Kit

A UK industry approved Sanitisation Kit for cleaning of both the inside and outside contact points of Bottled Water Coolers. In between scheduled sanitation, water coolers need to be regularly maintained to keep them in working order.

This Sanitisation Kit contains 1 year’s supply of sanitising and provides a total of 4 sanitisations.

Kit includes:
1 x Miraclean sponge
1 x Cooler Clean spray holder
1 x Cooler Clean Rinse
1 x Cooler Clean Spray
8 x Gloves
1 x Instructions

Anti-bacterial Food Safe Wipes

3% Peroxide Anti-bacterial Spray

Bioguard Foam Descaler

Foaming descaler for cooler surfaces.