Jazz1000 Cold, Ambient & Hot Bottled Water Cooler

Jazz1000 Cold, Ambient & Hot Bottled Water Cooler

The AA First Jazz 1000 bottled economy water coolers are solidly built with conventional manual paddle taps with Non scratch Ivory livery.

Available options: cold & ambient or hot & cold – Floor standing.


  • COOLING SYSTEM – 3 litre stainless steel cold water tank, 18 litres per hour, from 4C – 12C
    (depending on influent water temperature).
  • HEATING SYSTEM – 2 litre stainless steel hot water tank, 5 litres per hour, from 87C to 92C,
    instant draw off 6 x 7oz cups at above 87C, 15 minutes recovery time.
  • REFRIGERATION – Hermetically sealed compressor R134a refrigerant.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION – Compressor: 120 watt when cooling, Hot tank: 430 watt when heating.
  • POWER SUPPLY – 220 Volt – 50/60 Hz.


Floor standing:      1030mm (h) X 340mm (w) X 335mm (d)