Rhea BL Grande vho Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Rhea BL Grande vho Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Using Bean to Cup Coffee machines using milk powder is a very convenient way of producing high quality drinks. It is also imperative that a very good quality milk powder is used, we can highly recommend 100% pure granulated skimmed milk to do a great job, we’ve yet to find a better one.

What makes this machine stand out apart from its good looks! is whats inside. At its heart is a brewer capable of making upto 12oz of coffee per cup with ease, with a lovely espresso creme.

The brewer also can alternate between 5 and 14 grams for different drinks but still producing the compression for a consistent espresso.

Moving onto the milk systems, the whipper motors can work on 2 speeds. eg/ a slower speed to mix milk for a white coffee and a fast speed to whip up the milk for frothy cappuccinos. The Rhea Grande bean to cup also can show off and make a perfect Latte Macchiato (layered coffee) by staggering the milk flow, first slow speed for normal milk, then fast spin for a thick foam of milk, a small delay to let them milk settle, then the espresso is added and just sits perfectly in the middle.

Also makes a lovely hot chocolate by whipping up the cocoa powder with a little milk to produce a creamy smooth hot chocolate.

So all of this, and still at the end of the day theres a one touch self clean button to clean itself – Our customers like this !

Inside the machine there is a bean container for espresso beans, one for milk powder,one for hot chocolate and another  for decaffeinated coffee.

Drink Choices:- Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, White Coffee, Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Cafe latte, Latte Macchiato, and a hot water button for teas.